AOS 285: Healthcare Documentation I

Credits 5

Beginning healthcare documentation course designed to develop skills in transcribing and/ or editing of authentic healthcare documents, incorporating basic-level skills in English language, technology, medical knowledge, proofreading, editing, and research. Taught in online format; ability to download and play digitized reports required. This class may include students from multiple sections.


  1. Transcribe medical reports using correct forms and grammar.
  2. Define the medical terms and abbreviations presented.
  3. Define the prefixes, combining forms, and suffixes presented.
  4. Identify and define the knowledge, skills, abilities, and responsibilities required of a medical transcriptionist.
  5. Use current medical reference material accurately and effectively.
  6. Use critical thinking skills to edit and proofread medical reports without changing the meaning or the originator’s style.
  7. Apply HIPAA policies and procedures.