ATEC 100 : Basic Automotive

Study of the automotive industry and shop safety. Through class discussion, guest speakers, and audio-visual aids, students learn about such automotive careers as service technicians, service advisors, and parts personnel. Students also learn safety regulations and methods for safe operation of shop equipment and work areas.

Course Outcomes

  1. Recognize unsafe conditions that may occur in an automotive repair shop.
  2. Identify the safe precautions that should be taken.
  3. Relate the proper application of safety procedures.
  4. Demonstrate safe operation of available equipment.
  5. Identify and list the major parts of a modern automobile.
  6. Understand the basic tools required of auto technicians.
  7. Identify and describe the careers in the automotive field.
  8. Know the skill requirements of the modern automobile technician.
  9. List and describe the work performed by technicians in different automobile specialty areas.
  10. Understand the different types of certifications and licenses required in the automotive field.
  11. Understand the relationship between shop personnel and the customer. Communicate effectively with the customer.
  12. Know how to search for service information using electronic and written references.
  13. Know how to estimate a maintenance repair job that includes: parts and labor, using both manual and electronic means.
  14. Read with understanding in order to perform competently as an automotive technician.
  15. Convey ideas in writing in order to perform competently as an automotive technician.
  16. Communicate effectively to perform competently as an automotive technician.
  17. Use math to solve problems and communicate effectively.
  18. Understand the expectations in the workplace, the responsibilities of an automotive technician and methods of securing employment within the field.
  19. Demonstrate professionalism in the workplace, appropriate dress and conduct.
  20. Demonstrate the ability to work as a productive member of a team.
  21. Demonstrate the ability to use technology effectively in the workplace.