ATEC 225 : Automotive Repair

Hands-on experience on prescribed automobile repairs. Synthesizes prior training in a laboratory that is an operational shop. Speed and accuracy stressed. Laboratory time dedicated to repair and service of automatic transmission, automatic transaxle, and internal combustion engines.


Final quarter standing in Automotive Technology Program or consent of program instructor.

Course Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate and improve proficiency in skills relating to: General automatic transmission/transaxle diagnosis; Automatic transmission/transaxle maintenance adjustment; In-car automatic transmission/transaxle repair; General engine diagnosis; Engine R & R (where applicable); Cooling system/lubrication system diagnosis and repair; Brakes; Steering and suspension.
  2. Demonstrate accepted repair shop procedures such as: Use of time clock; Proper use of service publications and online resources; Proper parts procurement procedures; Proper and safe use of shop tools and special equipment; Correct and proper completion of required paper work.
  3. Maintaining Professionalism: Exhibit positive behavior; Treat people with respect; Comply with organizational expectations; Comply with company dress/appearance standards; Maintain regular attendance; Prioritize and organize workloads.
  4. Maintaining a Safe and Healthy Environment: Comply with safety and health rules/procedures; Use and maintain proper tools and equipment; Maintain clean work area; Know how to react during emergencies.
  5. Demonstrate Technology Literacy: Demonstrate basic keyboarding skills; Demonstrate basic knowledge of computers; Contribute weekly to Canvas Synopsis of your weeks performance.
  6. Maintaining Interpersonal Relationships: Value individual diversity; Respond to praise and/or criticism; Provide constructive praise and /or criticism; Resolve conflicts and control emotional reactions; Display a positive attitude; Work with team members to complete a task.
  7. Read with understanding in order to perform competently as an Automotive Technician.
  8. Convey ideas in writing in order to perform competently as an Automotive Technician.
  9. Communicate effectively to perform competently as an Automotive Technician.
  10. Use math to solve problems and communicate to fulfill responsibilities of an Automotive Technician.
  11. Understand the expectations of the workplace, the responsibilities of an Automotive Technician and the methods of securing employment within the field.
  12. Demonstrate the ability to use technology effectively in the workplace.