Credits 2 5
Quarter Offered

Through supervised clinical experience, the student begins hands-on training in a behavioral health/human services field, focusing on: intake interviewing, case management, assessment of client/consumer needs, intervention strategies, individual and group counseling, outreach activities, recording procedures, appropriate use of community referral and networking resources, staff relations, and inter-agency communication. This class may include students from multiple sections.

Must be seeking a Bachelor of Applied Science in Behavioral Healthcare degree to enroll. If interested, visit


Behavioral Healthcare BAS Program Admittance; BHAV 320, BHAV 321, BHAV 330, BHAV 332, BHAV 400, BHAV 430, BHAV 450

  1. Integrate theoretical classroom learning with experiential learning to implement professionalism and best practices related to behavioral health in a community agency setting
  2. Articulate the mission, history, and services of the placement agency
  3. Outline the charting procedures and paperwork requirements for entry level positions at the practicum site
  4. Explain the procedures for admission to and discharge from the host program
  5. Outline the community resources used by the placement agency
  6. Create personal learning objectives in measurable terms appropriate to practicum setting
  7. Demonstrate increase in self-knowledge and awareness of strengths and limitations
  8. Demonstrate ability to relate effectively with clients in an ethical and culturally sensitive manner
  9. Demonstrate successful work relationships with agency administrator, supervisors, and colleagues in the practicum setting