Business Administration

The Business Administration program is designed to allow students to pursue three different career options: Accounting, Management, and Entrepreneurship. The Washington State Workforce Training & Education Coordinating Board reports a skill gap in accounting jobs where the accounting jobs exceed worker supply. Jobs in business administration exist in a wide variety of career paths. Students develop a foundation of knowledge in accounting, management, business, entrepreneurship and application software related to business and communication.

The learning environment incorporates instruction relevant to workplace scenarios. Technology, interactive training, skills-based assessments, and online digital learning solutions provide timely feedback to enhance learning and degree completion. Students can continue their academic studies at Peninsula College in the Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Management degree (BAS). Contact the BAS advisor for additional prerequisite requirements at

Degree & Certificate Options

  • Business Administration-Accounting AAS Degree
  • Business Administration-Accounting AAS-T Degree
  • Business Administration-Entrepreneurship Foundations AAS Degree
  • Business Administration-Entrepreneurship Foundations AAS-T Degree
  • Business Administration-Management AAS Degree
  • Business Administration-Management AAS-T Degree
  • Business Foundations Certificate
  • Business Administration Certificate

Short-Term Proficiency Certificates

  • Business Administration-Accounting
  • Business Administration-Economics and Finance
  • Business Administration-Business Entrepreneurship
  • Business Administration-Business Environment
  • Business Administration-Business Management
  • Business Administration-Business Technology

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Prepare and analyze company financial statements
  • Prepare budgets for a company using Microsoft Excel
  • Apply quantitative and qualitative methods for critical thinking and problem solving
  • Formulate a personal code of ethical behavior as it relates to a modern business environment
  • Utilize electronic technology, including accessing information from various sources
  • Recognize and analyze how economic forces shape the environment of business and decision making
  • Demonstrate competency in written and oral communication
  • Identify key legal principles that apply in business transactions and demonstrate an understanding of legal risk management
  • Identify and apply management skills and concepts that can be applied in a wide variety of situations
  • Demonstrate proficiency in Quickbooks
  • Demonstrate required payroll and business record keeping procedures and prepare federal and state tax reports
  • Apply basic computational skills to practical applicationsĀ 
  • Communicate in writing for a variety of purposes and audiencesĀ 
  • Demonstrate competencies to succeed in the selected career pathway workplace
  • Demonstrate an understanding of marketing principles to promote a company

The above outcomes are for the Business AAS degree in Accounting. For other Business degree program option specific outcomes, go to:

Previous graduates have found employment in education, government, private industry, and self-employment. The accounting-related occupation has been identified as a high demand field in Washington State. Many of the new accounting positions will be created in small, rapidly growing businesses. The demand for persons trained in this field should remain strong over the next several years.




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