CDL 102 : Commercial Driver’s Licence A&B

This intensive 188 hour course will combine the lecture and lab portions of Commercial Driver’s License A and B and prepare students for both driving tests with a third-party Washington state tester.

Course Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate CDL general knowledge related to using air brakes, combination vehicles, doubles/triples tankers, hazardous materials, pre-trip, log book documentation.
  2. Apply classroom training in the field related to Inspection, brake adjustments, shifting, situation awareness, backing, lane keeping, cornering, intersections, speed and space management
  3. Prepare for CDL exam by demonstrating driving techniques, backing, load securement, double clutching, speed and space management, and turning.
  4. Apply classroom training in the field related to in-cab, and vehicle inspections, brake adjustments, chains, mirrors, shifting techniques, braking, ramps, and driving in heavy traffic.