CMST 180-182 : Literary Magazine Production

Editing and publication of the campus literary and arts magazine, Tidepools. Student editors will learn practical, historical, and technical aspects of magazine and literary magazine production while serving as editors: designing, publishing, and marketing a community oriented print magazine. This class will include students from multiple sections. (H)

Course Outcomes

  1. Identify and apply the elements of art, fiction, and poetry. Ask critical questions, explore aesthetics, and apply elements of art and literature in editorial decision making (selection of submissions and of design work).
  2. Participate in the production of the magazine as a member of a team. Pitch ideas, vote for the interest of the organization at large, address conflicts and differences of opinion in constructive ways. Practice communication skills.
  3. Develop appreciation and understanding for the complexity of the practice and ethics involved in publishing and copyright protection.
  4. Generate, revise, and edit group authored documents: advertisements, press releases, letters, etc. Learn about the multiple roles involved in editing: selection of material, line editing, editorial decision making, creative decision making, consideration of space, cost, circulation, etc.
  5. Build new and maintain existing relationships between the campus community and the community at large, including judges, schools and libraries, bookstores, local press, etc.
  6. Gain experience that can be used on your resume to further your experience toward gainful employment or future creative opportunities.