ENVS 201 : Intro to Forest Ecology

Introduction to forest ecosystems, including tree anatomy, growth dynamics, and role of disturbances in shaping forest succession. Examination of old growth forest ecosystems and their role in sustaining biodiversity. Management strategies to promote aesthetics, biodiversity, recreation and mitigate climate change presented and analyzed. (NS)


ENGL& 101, MATH 090/091, and the ability to move through and work in dense forest over steep terrain over long periods of time under challenging climatic conditions.

Course Outcomes

  1. Describe and identify growth patterns of trees.
  2. Measure and estimate structural characteristics of trees and forest stands.
  3. Use summary statistics to draw inferences about forest stand conditions.
  4. Describe and identify basic stages of forest stand dynamics.
  5. Use field data and growth curves to project future forest stand conditions.
  6. Describe and identify elements of old growth forest ecology: structure, composition, and function.
  7. Describe, identify and critically assess alternative management regimens for forested ecosystems.