ENVS 262 : Environmental & Resource Assessment

Students learn and apply a variety of field techniques used to scientifically monitor and assess changes in forested ecosystems as part of the Rainy Creek Biodiveristy Project in Olympic National Forest. Course transfers as ESRM304 into the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences at the University of Washington. (E)


The ability to work cooperatively in rugged field conditions for prolonged periods of time.

Course Outcomes

  1. Use GPS and GIS to build a database:  Written project.
  2. Build LMS database:  Written project.
  3. Use forest stand dynamics to simulate changes in forest ecosystems over time: Written project, Powerpoint presentation.
  4. Use mensuraton techniques from forest ecology to collect stand, stocking and productivity data:  Written project.
  5. Work effectively in teams: field observations, Written project, Powerpoint presentation.