GS 100 : College Learning Skills

Introduces study techniques and principles, including learning styles, time management, resources, concept mapping, note taking, listening, memory, concentration, goal setting, and test preparation.

Course Outcomes

  1. Appraise learning and teaching styles and adapt study habits to these styles.
  2. Prepare and use a time management program.
  3. Locate and use college resources including catalog, financial aid, student services and library.
  4. Explain principles of memory and concentration and apply them to study habits.
  5. Eliminate test-taking anxiety and devise strategies for successful test-taking.
  6. Incorporate effective reading and study techniques such as SQR4.
  7. Evaluate and apply listening techniques.
  8. Use systematic note taking procedures.
  9. Demonstrate mind-mapping and outlining techniques.
  10. Distinguish between campus computer offerings and choose services.
  11. Classify types of stress and use techniques for stress management.
  12. Categorize instructor differences and incorporate strategies to cope with those differences.
  13. Write realistic short and long term goals.