GEOL 124L : Earth Systems Science

Explores processes that form and shape the earth. The processes comprise a series of integrated systems that interact to produce the earth's continents, oceans, atmosphere, and life. (NS)


Eligibility for both ENGL& 101 and MATH 090/091.

Course Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the study of geology including approaches to resolving geologic questions and issues
  2. Evaluate potential solutions to extant geology-related problems of humankind and ways in which geology influences where and how we live
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of geologic materials and geologic time including principles of relative dating
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of geologic processes including mechanism and effects of plate tectonics, volcanism and volcanic hazards, earthquakes and deformation of rocks, influence of climate & weather on geology, shorelines and changing sea levels, glaciation and glacial features, dynamics of rivers and streams, weathering, soil development, and slope stability, water resources and impacts to groundwater