H ED 095 : HIV/AIDS Licensure 7 Hours

Selections from etiology and epidemiology of HIV; transmission and infection control; testing and counseling; clinical manifestations and treatment; legal and ethical issues; psychosocial issues. Confirm requirement for licensing (H ED 090 4 hour or H ED 095 7 hour) at doh. wa.gov/ LicensesPermitsandCertificates/ ProfessionsNewRenewUpdate

Course Outcomes

  1. Outline the local, national, and global etiology and epidemiology of HIV/AIDS.
  2. List 3 modes of transmission of HIV infection.
  3. Compare and contrast infection control precautions, including universal and standard precautions.
  4. Differentiate laboratory tests for the diagnosis and monitoring of HIV infection:
  5. a. Screening tests
  6. b. Confirmatory tests
  7. c. Viral load
  8. Compare and contrast different treatment regimens.
  9. a. Occupational exposure (PEP)
  10. b. Nonoccupational exposure (nPEP)
  11. c. Antiretroviral treatment (ART)
  12. d. Primary Prevention (PrEP)
  13. Apply the legal and ethical issues related to HIV/AIDs:
  14. a. Reporting infection to public health
  15. b. Confidentiality
  16. c. Discrimination
  17. d. Public endangerment
  18. Illustrate the psychosocial issues of HIV/AIDS infection on:
  19. a. Patient and family
  20. b. Friends
  21. c. Caregivers
  22. d. Social Consciousness