HONOR 150 : Foundations of Knowledge

An introductory course that explores the nature of knowledge and its pursuit from the primary academic disciplines of mathematics, humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. An emphasis is placed on establishing linkages across these disciplines to expand the realm of possible discourse. Students will develop and apply critical thinking, communication, and self-assessment skills, along with the ability to integrate multiple perspectives.


Admission to the Honors Program and completion of fall quarter honors coursework (includes ENGL& 101, MATH& 141 or 146, and HONOR 120) or permission of Honors Program Director.

Course Outcomes

  1. Define and discuss major theories of knowledge.
  2. Define and discuss disciplinary perspectives and approaches.
  3. Apply, compare, and assess different disciplinary approaches as they apply to complex themes or problems.
  4. Develop and demonstrate critical thinking skills.
  5. Identify individual scholarly interests and develop/construct a project that uses some aspect of one of those interests to engage the main themes and concepts from the class.
  6. Develop and demonstrate information literacy skills.
  7. Communicate ideas clearly in both oral and written form.
  8. Assess one's own learning through ongoing self-assessment exercises.
  9. Demonstrate and develop strong interpersonal/team skills.