Hospitality and Ecotourism

The Hospitality and Event Planning certificate is designed to prepare students for entry level work in fields that serve visitors on the Olympic Peninsula. Foundation courses introduce students to hospitality, event management, and budget spreadsheets. Core courses expand student knowledge and skills in marketing, tourism policy, and planning. Students are required to have access to computer, internet, and browser. This degree can be completed online. Students entering this program should have good familiarity with computer software and hardware in the Windows or Mac environment. College-level skills in English and math (eligibility for courses numbered 100 or higher) are required before registering for the English, math, or applied math courses in this program. Students may need to complete prerequisite coursework. The placement test will help determine placement level if not known. Previous coursework may also indicate placement level.

Degree & Certificate Options

  • Hospitality and Ecotourism-AAS degree
  • Hospitality and Event Planning Certificate

Short-Term Proficiency Certificates

  • Ecotourism and Adventure Travel Leadership

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts related to hospitality services
  • Plan, organize, and facilitate recreational and business related events
  • Apply customer service skills in a business setting
  • Develop an operational plan for hospitality services, tourist accommodations, green lodging, facilities, technology, and sustainable ecotourism
  • Evaluate technology utilized in the Hospitality industry
  • Apply critical thinking skills to solve problems related to hospitality and event planning
  • Apply basic computational skills to practical applications¬†
  • Communicate in writing for a variety of purposes and audiences¬†
  • Work cooperatively and collaboratively with others¬†
  • Demonstrate competencies to succeed in the selected career pathway workplace




Professional Technical Program