IS 108 : Oral History I

Use of current media technologies, including video, desktop publishing, and web technology to research and document the oral history of specific aspects of the local community. Focus on research, writing, video production, and bringing anthropological perspectives to the gathering of oral history. Final products will be video interviews, short documentaries, a website, and a printed newsletter. (E)

Course Outcomes

  1. Plan and collect video interviews of relevant subjects.
  2. Examine information collected in video interviews according to research assumptions and anthropological concepts.
  3. Apply concepts of oral history and anthropology to research and synthesize findings according to these concepts.
  4. Operate video cameras, lights, and editing equipment.
  5. Write and prepate a website and newsletter based on findings.
  6. Compose short documentaries from the raw footage collected.
  7. Identify research questions and assumptions.