MUSC 130 : Chamber Choir

Study of historical styles and performances in diverse languages. Public performances required. (P, E)


Permission of instructor.

Course Outcomes

  1. Distinguish and reproduce specific rhythm patterns
  2. Accurately manipulate melodic intervals
  3. Combine various rhythms and intervals
  4. Distinguish various compositional historical styles
  5. Apply/interpret the vast variety of musical symbols
  6. Apply expressive techniques (e.g., articulations and dynamics)
  7. Discriminate in application of obvious and subtle pronunciation characteristics of languages
  8. Courteously argue/justify expressive interpretations
  9. Perform/sing musical compositions
  10. Identify cultural and psychological significances in various choral compositions
  11. Criticize with understanding (justification) aspects of compositions (melody, harmony, etc.) and rehearsal situations association these with historical/cultural context





1 - 2