Peninsula College views student attendance and participation as crucial to academic success. Therefore, an instructor may assign a “V” grade for a student who stops attending or fails to attend courses. When a V grade is issued, no grade points are calculated, the grade is not computed in the student’s GPA and no credits are issued. An instructor is not obligated to assign a grade of V for nonattendance. Note: The V is a nonattendance grade given at the end of the quarter.

In order to accommodate students waiting to register for a course, instructors may initiate a withdrawal for nonattendance. A student who fails to attend at least 50% of a face-to-face class or fails to login for at least 50% of online class activity during the first week of the quarter may be administratively withdrawn from the course. Students who plan to remain enrolled but have attendance difficulties during the first week of the quarter should therefore contact their instructors immediately to request an exception to this procedure.