Our Student Body

At Peninsula College there is no “typical” student. Our vibrant, diverse student body comes from all over the United States and 16 different countries. And like you, they come for a variety of educational purposes. Some are recent high school graduates who want to pursue a transfer degree, some are returning to school to earn their Bachelor in Applied Science at Peninsula College, some are Running Start students. Still others are returning for career retraining, to brush up on their job skills, to get their GED®, to take ESL courses, and to learn how to work with computers. But no matter why they are here, they all want the same thing—a quality education at a price they can afford.

Once our students arrive at Peninsula College, they quickly discover that college is more than just books. It’s also a time to explore, to experiment with new interests, and even to discover hidden talents, such as writing or drama. In fact, once our students venture into unfamiliar areas, they often discover their own passion for learning.