Registration Procedures

Individuals should check the College website at for the quarterly schedule of courses and for details on registration procedures.

Our registration process gives precedence to veterans and continuing degree-seeking students with the most credits. This system is designed to allow those most in need of specific courses required for graduation or program completion to have a first opportunity registration position. You may register at the time assigned or any time thereafter within the constraints of the period offered for registration. You are not guaranteed the unrestricted right to enroll in any specific course or program.

Continuing students who indicate they wish to enroll the next quarter are notified by email regarding their registration appointments. A designated period is set aside each quarter for advising purposes before registration begins.

You must be officially enrolled by the first day of the course to attend.

Under the Washington Administration Code (WAC) and the policies of the State Board for Community Colleges, we reserve the right to deny admission to, or cancel the registration of, any individual whose enrollment is inconsistent with the best interests of the student, other students, or the established policies of Peninsula College.