RBIS 102 : RB-Integrating Seminar: Speech II

Students will develop the public speaking skills central to success in academic, civic, business and professional life. Students who complete Speech 101 and 102 will have performed informative, persuasive and demonstrative speeches that demonstrate competence in academic research, technological literacy, ethical reasoning, critical thinking, organization and extemporaneous delivery. (E)

Course Outcomes

  1. Communication, Critical Thinking: Deliver effective extemporaneous demonstrative, persuasive and special occasion speeches.
  2. Communication: Demonstrate effective physical and vocal delivery techniques.
  3. Information Literacy: Demonstrate current research methods to find information for assigned speeches.
  4. Communication, Critical Thinking: Demonstrate standard patterns of speech organization in demonstrative, informative, persuasive and special occasion speeches.
  5. Communication, Critical Thinking: Formulate a speech central idea and develop the idea using appropriate supporting material.
  6. Communication, Technological Literacy: Develop and use visual aids effectively, including the use of multimedia presentation software (PowerPoint is recommended).
  7. Communication, Critical Thinking: Demonstrate critical listening and critiquing skills.
  8. Community and Workplace: Demonstrate ethical research and communication skills in a variety of public speaking assignments.