RBIS 111 : RB-Integrating Seminar: Battlegrounds

This one-credit interdisciplinary course covers significant contemporary issues in Indian country and is based on the case-study method. Each quarter the Battlegrounds course has a theme such as “healthy communities," “Indian activism," “tribal administration,” “leadership," or “ethics for tribal vitality." The cases used in the classes during that quarter correspond to that theme. (E)

Course Outcomes

  1. Improve critical thinking skills.
  2. Improve writing skills.
  3. Recognize and explain significant contemporary issues in Indian Country.
  4. Describe alternative solutions to complex issues.
  5. Explain complex interdisciplinary issues and different methodological approaches.
  6. Demonstrate cognitive flexibility and the ability to understand different points of view in discussions and written responses.
  7. Demonstrate adeptness at case-based learning and develop the skills of collaboration, problem-solving, analysis, and evaluation.