SPAN& 221: Spanish IV

Credits 5
Distribution List
Academic Elective

Continuation of Spanish III. Mastery of listening, reading, writing, and speaking; review of previous material; introduction to Spanish literature and history; continued study of culture. Learner-centered instruction. This class may include students from multiple sections. (Elective)


SPAN& 123, two years of high school Spanish, the equivalent, or instructor permission

  1. Demonstrate intermediate level proficiency in listening, reading, speaking and writing in Spanish.
  2. Apply new Spanish vocabulary through a variety of written and oral assignments.
  3. Apply appropriate grammatical structures.
  4. Describe and discuss the richness and diversity of Hispanic cultures.
  5. Identify and discuss a broadened knowledge of the people, places, art, literature, current issues, and daily life of Spanish-speaking countries through interaction with culturally rich readings, video and audio segments, and web-based activities.