SPAN& 221 : Spanish IV

Continuation of SPANISH III. Mastery of listening, reading, writing, and speaking; review of previous material; introduction to Spanish literature and history; continued study of culture. Learner-centered instruction. (E)


SPAN& 123, two years of high school Spanish, the equivalent, or permission of instructor.

Course Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate intermediate level proficiency in listening, reading, speaking and writing in Spanish.
  2. Apply new Spanish vocabulary through a variety of written and oral assignments.
  3. Apply appropriate grammatical structures.
  4. Describe and discuss the richness and diversity of Hispanic cultures.
  5. Identify and discuss a broadened knowledge of the people, places, art, literature, current issues, and daily life of Spanish-speaking countries through interaction with culturally rich readings, video and audio segments, and web-based activities.