The World Is Your Classroom

At Peninsula College, learning is not confined to enclosed classrooms or the lecture hall. Instead, the entire campus and the Olympic Peninsula become teaching laboratories as students and faculty move outdoors to take full advantage of all that our unique area has to offer.

Anyone familiar with the college would not be surprised to find a class meeting in the middle of the college plaza on a bright sunny day, or to see our incredible PC Jazz Ensemble performing in front of the Pirate Union Building (PUB). Nor is it unusual to find small groups of students and their teachers embarking on field trips to the nearby ocean, Olympic National Park, or the rain forest to discover and study native marine life, fauna, and flora in their natural habitats.

Indeed, to not do so would be to miss much of what education is all about. That’s why, at Peninsula College, we have developed a special educational habitat for students that allows you time—and room—to discover who you are and what you want to do.