ART 109 : Intro to Printmaking

Printmaking from past through present. Study and application of basic printmaking techniques, concepts, and media. Covers linocuts, woodcuts, multicolor prints, and experimental monotypes. Introduces relief and intaglio techniques, with an emphasis on small editions. (H)

Course Outcomes

  1. Identify the elements of art as related to image making and critique.
  2. Develop some understanding of the cultural context of related works of art, both historically and culturally.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to objectively critique artwork by assessing, analyzing,and understanding other artwork as well as ones own, including conceptual aspects of art, thematic content, meaning, etc.
  4. Develop images through a series of proofs, print small editions of those images by hand and on the press, and present work professionally by signing, numbering, matting and photographing work.
  5. Exercise drawing skills and learn to translate drawings into prints using appropriate printmaking methods for a variety of visual results.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to respond to constructive criticism and to revise and improve works in progress.