BHAV 420: Assessment and Goal Planning

Credits 5
Quarter Offered

This course introduces the skills necessary to screen clients for service eligibility, complete intake processes, conduct comprehensive assessments, and partner with clients to develop effective plans to achieve client-identified goals. This class may include students from multiple sections.

Must be seeking a Bachelor of Applied Science in Behavioral Healthcare degree to enroll. If interested, visit


Admission to the Bachelor of Applied Science-Behavioral Healthcare program.

  1. Articulate the enduring possibility of change within every person
  2. Check applicants' eligibility for services within a specified setting
  3. Collaborate with clients to determine and articulate presenting problems
  4. Interview clients to assess strengths, weaknesses, and service needs
  5. Develop a biopsychosocial assessment
  6. Use Motivational Interviewing techniques to help clients create specific, measurable goals
  7. Create a client-centered, strengths-based, individualized service plan
  8. Demonstrate the ability to safely discharge clients from services