CMST 150: Introduction to Podcasting: A Voice in the Crowd

Credits 5
Quarter Offered
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Academic Elective

This hands-on, project-based course introduces students to the basics of storytelling through creating their own podcasts, exploring their own voices and the voices of their communities. Students will examine different narrative styles and podcast types as well as interview techniques. Students will apply this knowledge while learning to plan, create, and publish podcast episodes. They can expect to become proficient in pitching ideas for stories, recording and interviewing, story boarding and writing scripts, as well as editing and crafting audio. Student may collaborate as groups or work individually to create their podcasts. Eligibility for college level English recommended. This class may include students from multiple sections. (Humanities, Elective)

  1. Demonstrate basic understanding of the elements of project management for creating podcasts, including audio production, content-creation, storyboarding, scripting, editing, and story development
  2. Describe and demonstrate different podcast formats
  3. Apply research skills including primary and secondary peer reviewed sources
  4. Demonstrate a variety of interview skills
  5. Collaborate with interviewees to establish and maintain trust during interviews
  6. Demonstrate editing audio skills using digital audio workstation software
  7. Evaluate distribution platforms for publication