CMST 235: Multimedia Journalism Production

Credits 5
Distribution List
Academic Elective

Students will use journalistic techniques to publish the college Buccaneer including the digital publication. The Buccaneer will include news and feature stories, editorials and reviews. Publication of the Buccaneer will provide opportunities for students to use the publication as a public forum to inform, entertain, and persuade, using its online platform. Skills gained can be easily applied to a variety of careers. This class may include students from multiple sections. (Elective)


Completion of CMST 100 or instructor permission

  1. Integrate critical thinking, reading, and writing to locate, research, and produce multimedia publications.
  2. Critically analyze and recognize legitimate and reliable sources of knowledge.
  3. Adapt writing and visuals to audience, context, and purpose based on geography, political and other cultural elements.
  4. Describe and evaluate publications for content and design.
  5. Write in a range of professional modes using professional ethics.
  6. Demonstrate ability to meet the deadlines and demands of a regular professional production schedule.