CMST 121 : Photojournalism I

Foundation class in use of digital and film cameras, lenses, light, composition, timing, and digital techniques. Emphasis on still news and feature photography principles applicable to all photo communications, including video. Provide own still-camera equipment and USB drive for photo storage and safeguarding. (E)

Course Outcomes

  1. Identify and explain the controls of a 35 mm digital single lens reflex camera and flash.
  2. Identify a variety of light conditions and interpret their impacts on a given subject.
  3. Identify aesthetic compositional devises that give a photo impact and interest.
  4. Recognize the newsworthy qualities of an action, event or trend.
  5. Develop a strategy for documenting a subject visually.
  6. Plan, execute and assemble a photo story, or essay, including 4-7 points with accompanying text and captions.
  7. Identify legal restrictions that inhibit photographic documentation.
  8. Compose a caption that will interpret and explain an image's content and context, understanding that it may be the deciding factor in a reader's decision to start a story.
  9. Gather relevant information to a photo subject in order to write an effective caption.
  10. Demonstrate a working knowledge of photographic terms related to the camera, lens, design, and aesthetic composition.