CSE 120: Game Design II / 3D Modeling

Learn to take your sketches and turn them into 3D objects. This class teaches you to use your concept art to create a mesh, paint the mesh with textures, and adjust 3D lighting and material effects in Blender and GIMP.

  1. Identify fundamental differences between 2D and 3D design.
  2. Learn to use 3D modeling software to create objects for 3D worlds.
  3. Use proper composition techniques in 3D scenes.
  4. Demonstrate ability to use mesh sculpting tools.
  5. Utilize reference material to create models.
  6. Work with bitmaps and shading techniques to create materials.
  7. Learn about 3D rendering techniques and the pros/cons of each.
  8. Understand 3D acceleration and how video cards reduce processing load on the CPU.
  9. Import 3D models into virtual worlds.
  10. Use pixel shaders and lighting techniques to add realism.
  11. Create particle systems to simulate hair.
  12. Import models into Unity3D.