CSE 141: Team Project II / First Person 3D Game Development

Credits 5

Learn to create your own 3D video game. Work with a small team to create the game design document and use team members to create program code and art assets to assemble your game and present it for others to play.


Concurrent enrollment in CSE 120 or CSE 121

  1. Create a Game Design Document (GDD) for your game.
  2. Work with a small team to complete your assignments.
  3. Create a 3D virtual world that the player can interact with.
  4. Create and display 3D Models.
  5. Create art assets according to technical specs provided for the game.
  6. Write programming code as needed to enable game play in the virtual environment.
  7. Manage project time and resources to deliver milestones on time.
  8. Use pro-social interaction with team members to work through technical and personal issues.
  9. Successfully deploy game software and website for others to play.
  10. Use effective play testing techniques and bug tracking software to ensure software quality.