CONST 212: Engineered Building Materials & Methods

This class focuses on the role and use of engineered wood, steel, and fast growing plants in the construction world. Starting with Glulams, finger-jointed studs, and manufactured trusses. Learn about cutting edge engineered building materials like mass timbers, cross laminated timbers, and thermally modified wood and their impact on the Construction Technology Movement. This class may include students from multiple sections. (Formerly GRBD 212)

This class has a $65 construction technology course fee.

  1. Learn what engineered wood building material are commonly used today as well as the pros and cons of each of these.
  2. How the use of engineered building materials impacts the cost and time of residential and light commercial construction.
  3. Gain a working knowledge of the many new materials hitting the market and how the implementation of these building materials can impact the Green Certifications of the project as well as the design and structural loads of the structure.
  4. What changes are on the horizon and what are the costs associated with using a new building material or process (tooling up, learning curve, additional permits, inspections, or engineering)?
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