CONST 105: Blueprint Reading

Credits 3
Quarter Offered

Introduction on how to read and use blueprints to construct residential and commercial structures. Course emphasis will be on learning to read blueprints and how to apply different types of foundations, framing, and interior and exterior finishes. Learn how building codes apply to various stages of construction. This is one of the required courses for the Carpentry one-year certificate. This class may include students from multiple sections. (Formerly GRBD 105)

  1. Understand the purpose of blueprint drawings as a communication tool.
  2. Identify the composition and layout of a set of drawings.
  3. Interpret symbols, abbreviations, dimensions, line types and weights.
  4. Understand scale as a relationship between the measurement used on a drawing and the measurement of the object it represents.
  5. Develop proficiency using an architect's and engineer's scale.
  6. Evaluate the completeness of a set of drawings.
  7. Interpret specifications and schedules.
  8. Differentiate between the various presentation drawings.
  9. Understand the role of building codes in the construction process.
  10. Apply the building code to various aspects of the drawings.