CONST 210: Job Site Management

Credits 3
Quarter Offered

This class will introduce the students to construction jobsite management. Learn OSHA and Washington State Department of Labor and Industries requirements for job site safety. Control of resources and materials on the jobsite as well as the proper order and flow of jobs on the worksite. Negotiate with labor and subcontractors. This class will teach students leadership skills to work as a foreman or contractor on a construction site. This class may include students from multiple sections. (Formerly GRBD 210)

  1. Explain the OSHA and WA State L & I requirements, as they apply to residential and light commercial construction.
  2. Serve as project manager and demonstrate the knowledge of the correct order of work as well as proper and efficient and proper storage and distribution of materials on the job site.
  3. Define, document, and keep record of what is important on the job site.
  4. Document the proper order and scheduling of deliveries, construction, and subcontractor schedules.
  5. Explain the impact that change orders and mistakes have on both the time line and the bottom line for the contractor.