CSIA 280: Computer Forensics I: Intro to Computer Forensic

Credits 5
Quarter Offered

Explore the role and skillset required of the computer forensics professional investigator including an introduction to the computer investigation process, data acquisition process, crime scenes and forensics tools. This class may include students from multiple sections.

  1. Define computer forensics and describe how to prepare for computer investigations.
  2. Demonstrate the importance of maintaining professional conduct.
  3. Explain how to prepare a computer investigation and explain requirements for data recovery workstations and software.
  4. Describe certification requirements for computer forensics lab.
  5. Explain the criteria for selecting a basic forensic workstation.
  6. List digital evidence storage formats and explain how to use acquisition tools.
  7. Articulate rules for controlling digital evidence.
  8. Explain guidelines for seizing digital evidence at a crime scene.
  9. Describe computer forensics software tools and methods for validating and testing computer forensics tools.