CSIA 185: Cybersecurity I: Risks, Control and Encryption

Credits 5
Quarter Offered

This course explores the basic security landscape through the topics of risks, threats, control and encryption. Learn how to assess and prioritize risks with computer system, implement authentication controls and the functions of encryption/cryptography. Course may prepare students to complete Security + certification. Course maps to CTCITC117 Security +. This class may include students from multiple sections. 

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the process for comparing and prioritizing security risks.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of mechanisms used to control access to computer systems.
  3. Illustrate techniques for controlling computer files.
  4. Identify features of major file systems used in operating systems and removable storage.
  5. Articulate techniques for accurately associating individuals with user identities inside computer systems.
  6. Demonstrate the fundamentals of encryption and cryptanalysis.