DRMA 124: Acting I

Credits 5
Quarter Offered
Distribution List
Academic Elective

Acting I is an introduction to craft: the balance of external technique and internal elements in order to create a flexible but consistent process that can be used to create believable characters in a variety of settings. The class is a combination of theory and practice. Students are exposed to major post-Stanislavkian acting theories that are applied in scene and partner work. This class may include students from multiple sections. (Humanities-Performance, Elective)

  1. Demonstrate the following aspects of the craft of acting: relaxation/breathing techniques, visualization, given circumstances, objectives, scene analysis, and improvisation.
  2. Analyze scenes from plays.
  3. Demonstrate creativity and critical reflection throughout the process of acting.
  4. Apply a working vocabulary of theatre terms.
  5. Memorize lines in a timely manner.
  6. Demonstrate relaxation and energizing methods from warm-ups to rehearsal.
  7. Demonstrate and apply outer and inner concentration techniques in rehearsal.
  8. Apply imaginative techniques to a variety of acting scripts and rehearsal situations.
  9. Apply sensory perception as an acting tool.
  10. Create and apply the concept of "intention" to the planning and rehearsal of scenes.