DRMA 125 : Acting II

Acting II is a continuation of the craft-based study of acting. Students will continue to engage with theory and practice, implementing the ideas of Stanford Meisner to apply one particular theoretical approach in the Stanislavskian tradition of realistic theatre. Students will dissect two plays over the course of the quarter, performing scenes from both in front of an audience. This class will include students from multiple sections. (P)

Course Outcomes

  1. Analyze the psychology and emotional depth of a character.
  2. Apply an advanced working vocabulary of theatre terms.
  3. Demonstrate a critical approach to scene analysis through the written and spoken word.
  4. Knowledge of history and application of acting techniques (e.g. Stanislavsky, Meisner, etc.)
  5. Perform in contrasting acting styles and genres (e.g. film, classic, modern, comedic, dramatic, etc.)