EDUC& 115: Child Development

Credits 5
Quarter Offered
Distribution List
Academic Elective

Build a functional understanding of the foundation of child development from conception through early adolescence in all domains of development as seen through various developmental theories. The impact of culture, race, gender identity, socioeconomic status, family status, and exceptionalities on overall development will be examined as well as current research regarding brain development. Methods of observing and documenting developmental growth will be examined. This class may include students from multiple sections. STARS approved. (Formerly EDUC& 114, Elective)

  1. Discuss prominent child development research and theories guiding parenting and caregiver’s practices.
  2. Describe the developmental sequence from conception through early adolescence in all domains.
  3. Analyze critical stages of brain development as influencers of child development.
  4. Examine techniques to conduct and document observations of children as a means to assess and communicate growth and development.
  5. Explain individual differences in development.
  6. Identify how family, caregivers, teachers, community, culture, and trauma influence development.
  7. Outline community resources to support children’s and families’ development.