EDUC& 136: School Age Care

Credits 3
Quarter Offered

The basics of quality child care programs for children age 5-12, including developmental profiles of the school-age child, planning, budgeting, program set-up, curriculum, and resources. This class may include students from multiple sections. 

  1. Evaluate, written philosophies of school age    child care that address high quality care.
  2. Identify at least five professional organizations or resources for school age care providers.
  3. Develop an appropriate plan for a before and After school age care environment, (that is bias free, respects cultural and individual diversity,  is developmentally appropriate, and supports  positive self-esteem, social interaction, active  involvement, initiative, responsibility, creativity, in addition, a growing sense of autonomy.)
  4. Use Washington State Career Development Core Competencies or Skills Standards for school age care providers for self-assessments and professional development planning for educational/training needs.
  5. Analyze a school age program and identify a plan for Improvement that is based on best practices, and accepted standards.