EDUC 206: Issues of Child Abuse and Neglect

Credits 2

Insights into child abuse and neglect within a family system. Identify types of abuse and signs and symptoms of victims. Mandated reporting requirements consistent with WAC 180-78-165 for educators, caregivers, and youth workers. This class may include students from multiple sections. STARS approved.

  1. Define the legal definition of abuse and neglect and explain the state statues regarding responsibilities in reporting.
  2. Recognize signs of abuse and neglect and describe ways to work effectively with children who have experienced maltreatment.
  3. Identify characteristics of a potential abuser and list behaviors which might be indicators of maltreatment.
  4. Describe the mandated reporter’s role in reporting suspected abuse and neglect.
  5. Describe the steps in reporting suspected maltreatment.
  6. Explain and discuss factors that could lead to child abuse and neglect and how to prevent it.
  7. Research local community resources that support people who have experienced maltreatment.