EM 120: All Hazards Emergency Planning

Credits 3 Lecture hours per quarter 33
Quarter Offered

Introduction to fundamental concepts, systems, and processes that guide and support effective emergency management planning, including the history and rationale behind planning. This class may include students from multiple sections. (Formerly HSEM 120)


2.0 or higher in EM 102 or instructor permission

  1. Describe the historical basis of and rationale behind the modern emergency management planning processes and requirements.
  2. Demonstrate how emergency planning is integrated throughout all aspects of the practice of emergency management.
  3. Describe how the elements of risk analysis (i.e., frequency and consequence of hazards) inform and guide the creation of emergency management plans.
  4. Explain why centering emergency planning on the concept of "planning with the whole community" creates better plans.
  5. Apply the guiding principles, regulatory requirements, and standardized process of emergency planning to produce the components of an emergency management plan.