EM 121: Planning for Tribal Emergency Management

Credits 3
Quarter Offered

Introduction to fundamental concepts, systems, and processes that guide and support effective emergency management planning in Indian Country, including the history and rationale behind planning. This class may include students from multiple sections. (Formerly HSEM 121)


EM 102 or EM 105 or instructor permission

  1. Define the role of plans and planning within the emergency management profession, and the concepts and principles that guide the planning process.
  2. Identify federal policies, plans, and processes that influence tribal emergency management and planning, including the historical/political relationships between government and tribal communities.
  3. Outline the purpose and primary components of foundational emergency management plans that are important in tribal emergency management programs (mitigation, COOP/COG, response, and recovery).
  4. Describe the special considerations including vulnerable populations and community values that must be incorporated in plan development.