EM 249: Professional Development 1

Credits 2
Quarter Offered

This course prepares the student for the Emergency Management AAS-T Work-based Learning experience. Students will learn how to search for jobs and internships, prepare resumes and job applications, prepare for job and internship interviews, and create an appropriate professional portfolio. Course should be taken 2 terms prior to EM 240. This class may include students from multiple sections. (Formerly HSEM 249)


48 credits of EM courses

  1. Develop a Professional Portfolio exhibiting professional development efforts, progress, and achievements.
  2. Develop model resumes, applications, cover letters, and references for appropriate level work positions.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to identify job openings appropriate to the student’s knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  4. Prepare answers to routine emergency management related interview questions.
  5. Demonstrate understanding of the work based learning experience by identifying potential WBL sites.