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Emergency Medical Technician Short Term Certificate

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Tyler Gage
(360) 912-0264

The Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program prepares individuals to assist EMT Paramedics, under the supervision of a physician, to prepare and transport ill or injured patients, and to operate emergency vehicles and equipment such as life support units. Includes instruction in first aid and emergency medicine field techniques; patient stabilization and care; medical field communications; equipment operation and maintenance; and applicable standards and regulations.

There are two parts to enrolling in the EMT class:

  1. Apply to Peninsula College.
  2. Apply to the EMT Program by filling out the EMT Class Application.

Program Code: EMAETC01

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This course will focus on EMT roles and responsibilities, airway management, patient assessment, medical and trauma emergencies, anatomy and physiology, documentation, lifting and moving, and communications. Course includes practical labs and a total of 10 hours of clinical experience in the Emergency Department to provide direct hands-on experience. Special application is required before registration. This class may include students from multiple sections.

This class has a $90 EMT course fee.

Credits: 9

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