Retired Peninsula College faculty and administrators who have worked for the college for at least 10 years are eligible for recommendation for inclusion on the college emeriti list.

Phillip D. Adams, Counseling (1974-2010)

Marjorie Avalon, English (1961-1979)

Thelma Barnes, Nursing (1963-1975)

Karl Baumwell, Criminal Justice (1984-1997)

Leonard W. Beil, Director of Vocational Education (1970-1981)

Ruth A. Bopp, Secretarial Science (1969-1985)

Evelyn Boyd, Purchasing Agent (1985-2017)

Richard Brauninger, Mathematics (1968-2000)

Gary Brown, Computer Electronics (1980-2001)

Allan A. Carr, Vice President (1980-2001)

Philip L. Churchley, Chemistry (1961-1996)

Barbara Clampett, Family Life Education (1973-2006)

Yvette Cline, Professor (1988-2019)

Stan Compton, Computer Science (1989-2003)

Paul G. Cornaby, President (1975-1992)

William Cozzolino, Corrections Training (1997-2011)

Dennis Crabb, Music (1988-2011)

Kathleen O. Craven, Nursing (1993-2015)

Grace Crawford, English/Literature (1988-2006)

Ronald Crawford, Physics/Physical Science (1965-2004)

J. Michael Daniel, Math (1995-2014)

Marca Davies, Nursing (1998-2013)

Alice Derry, English/German (1980-2009)

Dorothy Drain, History (1996-2003)

Paula Doherty, VP of Institutional Effectiveness (1972-2015)

L. Jane Emmenegger, Director of Library Services (1969-1982)

Jack Estes, English (1967-1991)

David Estrem (1992-2008)

Joan Ethier, Vice President (1993-2003)

John Evans, Mathematics (1964-2000)

Helen Farrington, Nursing (1972-1989)

Arthur Feiro, Dean of Students (1961-1982)

Richard Fisch, History (1961-1987)

Deborah Frazier, VP Finance and Administration (2007-2018)

George Galles, Accounting (1961-1977)

Jack Ganzhorn, Professor (1990 - 2019)

Janice A. Gardner (1991-2017)

William D. Garrison, Computer Technology (1983-2002)

Carmen Germain, English (1987-2011)

Douglas Gilleland, Automotive Technology (1972-1992)

Jenny T. Gouge, Medical Assisting (1996-2013) 

Thomas Grimes, Professor (1993-2019)

Thomas Hanley, Adult Basic Education (1995-2013)

Richard Hendry, Counseling (1970-1998)

Thomas Hostetler, Speech (1968-1997)

Bev Hott, Basic Skills (1986-2014)

Ken Jacobsen, Computer Technology (1978-2009)

Diane Johnson, Family Life Education (1978-1997)

Fred Johnson, Fisheries, posthumous (1998-2008)

Thomas Keegan, President (2001-2012)

Jonathan Koehler, Bookstore Manager, posthumous (1997-2007)

Robert Lawrence-Markarian, Workforce Director (1993-2013)

Gary Ledbetter, Corrections Education (1987-2013)

Marjorie Lindberg, Mathematics (1981-1997)

Jon J. Livingston, Physical Education (1969-1994)

William E. Lucas, English (1965-1981)

H. James Lunt, Associate Dean, Financial Aid, Athletics (1969-2001)

Matthew J. Lyons, Director Higher Ed, Jefferson County (1999-2013)

E. John Maier, President (1961-1975)

N. Ross Maloney, Economics, Business Administration (1962-1989)

Roberta T. Mantooth, Journalism (1975-2000)

Pamela Maurides, Faculty (1998-2017)

Jeff Mauger, Anthropology/Sociology (1994-2014)

Vici McLaughlin, Information Technology (1996-2015)

Paul D. McCarrell, Associate Dean, Vocational Education and Counseling (1981-1993)

Cheryl McCurdy, Nursing (1991-2015)

Lucile C. Mealey, Executive Assistant to President/Personnel Director (1975-1988)

George (Bill) E. Merrill, Art (1970-2014)

James Shawn Moore, Spanish (1968-2002)

Wilfred J. Morrish, Business, Mid-Management (1968-1988)

Carolyn Muir, Administration (1995-2007)

Kathy Murphy-Carey, Counseling (1975-2013)

Ted Noel, Corrections Training (1999-2015)

Linda Nutter, Information Technology (1985-2008)

Steven Olson, English (1991-2009)

M. Frances Prindle, Dean of Instruction (1975-1990)

Bonnie Rathod, Nursing (1998-2015)

Jon Purnell, Surveying/Geomatics (1997-2007)

Werner C. Quast, Political Science/Philosophy/German (1962-1993)

Dolores Reher, Nursing (1975-1989) 

Thomasine L. Schwent, Nursing (1974-2001)

H. Joy Sheedy, Director, Educare Center (1982-2001)

Evelyn M. Short, Dean of Basic Skills (1988-2014)

Dona Smasal, Administrative Assistant (1982-2012) 

Lawrence Smith, Mathematics (1994 – 2018)

Margaret Holm Spillane, English (1962-1986)

William Spring, Psychology (1991-2012)

Gary Stocker, Automotive Technology (1985-1988 and 1992-1999)

Craig S. Switzer, Technical Engineering (1972-1993)

Frank H. Thayer, Dean of Administrative Services (1965-1992)

Frederick S. Thompson, English/Humanities (1979-2010)

Edward Tisch, Biology/Botany, posthumous (1966-2007)

Dan Underwood, Professor, (1992- 2019)

Nancy Vannausdle, Program Coordinator, Basic Education for Adults (2002-2017)

George Van Deusen, Engineering (1969-2000)

Phyllis L. Van Holland, Director of Communications (1991-2015)

James Walton, Vice President (1980-2001)

W. Laurence Welch, Education, Reading (1968-1990)

Thomas Wells, Diesel Technology (1971-1999)

Bob Willicut, Counseling (1972-2001)

John M. Willits, Jr., Technical Engineering (1968-1995)

Cheryl B. Young, DOC Curriculum Designer (1988-2014)

Floyd F. Young, Dean of Instruction (1961-1987)

Philip Young, Corrections Training (1987-2013)