ENGL 180: Tidepools: Exploring Literature and the Arts I

Credits 5 Lecture hours per quarter 55
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Academic Elective

Students will learn the elements of art and apply them to critiques of art works submitted to Tidepools art and literature magazine. Students will also learn the elements of fiction and poetry, and use them to critique creative writing submissions. Students will gain editing skills and practice communication skills while selecting, editing, and preparing art and creative writing for publication. Students will learn ethical, historical, and philosophical aspects of editing while serving as editors and will create and release a print magazine along with promotional materials, and will author and edit press releases, posters, and advertisements. This class may include students from multiple sections. (Humanities, Elective)

The Elements of Art: 1) Identify and apply the elements and principles of art in two-dimensional and three-dimensional artwork.  two-dimensional and three-dimensional artwork.

The Elements of Art: 2) Participate in critiques, explore aesthetics, and apply elements of art to material under consideration.

The Elements of Literature: 1) Identify and apply the elements of Fiction and Poetry.

The Elements of Literature: 2) Participate in critiques, explore literary conventions, and apply elements of fiction and poetry to editorial decision making.

Constructive Feedback: Demonstrate the ability to respond to constructive feedback from the instructor and other students in a professional manner.

Interpersonal Skills: 1) Design and edit an art and literature magazine as a member of a team.

Interpersonal Skills: 2) Make presentations and participate in group decision making.

Interpersonal Skills: 3) Apply written and verbal communication skills to a variety of tasks.

Community Outreach: Build new and maintain existing relationships between the campus community and the community at large.

Editing: 1) Generate, revise, and edit group authored documents: advertisements, press releases, letters, etc.

Editing: 2) Compare roles involved in editing: selection of material, line editing, editorial decision making, creative decision making, consideration of space, cost, circulation, etc.

Hands-on Learning: Gain experience that can be used on your resume to further your experience toward gainful employment or future creative opportunities.