ENGL 90/91/92: Fundamentals of English

Credits 5
Quarter Offered

Review of sentence structure, grammar, usage, and punctuation. Introduction to essay writing. Placement based on Accuplacer score. This class may include students from multiple sections.

  1. Prewrite, draft, and revise paragraphs and short essays controlled by topic sentences or thesis statements and supported by evidence.
  2. Reduce errors in grammar and mechanics and use a variety of sentence structures.
  3. Identify main ideas, supporting evidence, patterns of exposition, and transitions in assigned readings and classmates’ essays.
  4. Develop and apply vocabulary building skills.
  5. Recognize and avoid plagiarism and demonstrate an awareness of academic documentation including MLA and APA.
  6. Evaluate and use resources that are authoritative, accurate, unbiased, and current.
  7. Accept personal academic responsibility including class attendance, class participation, and prompt and thorough completion of assignments.
  8. Use tools of self-assessment to evaluate knowledge and skills in course outcomes.
  9. Demonstrate good listening skills, acknowledge different viewpoints, and respect the need to examine cultural diversity.
  10. Practice expressing opinions in a group setting.