FLE 155-157: Parent Co-Op Leadership

Credits 1

Participate in planning activities and events that support and enhance programs for children, parents, and staff. Includes problem solving, collaborative processes, business management, group organization, and communication. Fall, Winter, Spring sequence.

FLE 155:

  1. Recognize communication patterns that promote or hinder group climate and productivity.
  2. Observe and recognize skills of decision making and problem solving. 
  3. Demonstrate effective participation in group organization and leadership
    • Recognize and demonstrate the responsibilities, including ethical responsibilities, of the individual leadership roles.

FLE 156:

  1. Demonstrate skills to build community and commitment within the group.
    • Recognize and demonstrate skills to separate issues from personalities in group conflicts.
  2. Demonstrate skills of decision making and problem solving.
  3. Recognize how different values impact personal relationships.
  4. Listen actively and respond appropriately to different audiences.
  5. Present one's personal point of view clearly and respectfully.

FLE 157:

  1. Recognize how gender and ethnic/cultural values impact communication and personal relationships.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively with others.
  3. Demonstrate effective participation in group organization and leadership.
    • Perform the responsibilities of the executive board position.
    •  Market the program, hire personnel, and carry out responsible financial decisions to enable the group to remain fiscally sound.
  4. Advocate for and support appropriate environments for the physical, social/emotional, and cognitive development of children.
  5. Recognize and advocate for parent involvement in the best interest of children.
  6. Access and advocate for community resources and programs that serve the needs of children.
  7. Evaluate and support the cooperative program and parents' participation to continue providing a quality program.