FILM 100: Art of Film

Credits 5

Study of film as visual text, including key terms, primary practitioners, and major developments. Examination of film as transmitter of themes and values. (Humanities)

FILM 101: Great Directors in Film

Credits 5

Introduction to authorship in the cinema. Examination of the work of a major director or directors. Exploration of the director's life, film style, and themes. (Humanities)

FILM 102: Film Genre

Credits 5

Introduction to study of film genre through looking at either one or several film genres, including literary, mythic, historic, and theoretical aspects. (Humanities)

FILM 110: Literature and Film

Credits 5

Exploration of connected works of literature and film. The films and texts may be direct adaptations of each other or may be connected thematically. The course will focus on a specific overall theme, genre, historical period, and/or author. (Humanities)

FILM 120: Introduction to Screenwriting

Credits 5

Beginning script writing for film and television. Combination small lecture/workshop approach focusing on techniques, formats, and structure of scripts; plot and character development. Co-listed with MEDIA 140. This class will include students from multiple sections. (Humanities)